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Ms. Douglas is a solicitor-advocate with over 20 years’ experience in both private practice and the public sector. She currently proffers expert legal advice on Commercial, Property Law and Dispute Resolution. Ms. Douglas also has a growing client base comprising of Senior Executives and employees in the area of Employment Law.

She is an accredited mediator, has acted on high-profile property law matters and has acquired wide experience in ADR. She has gained a reputation for being ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’ and having the ability to negotiate her clients out of convoluted scenarios. Having practised as a Barrister in the City, Ms. Douglas is now a regular speaker and trainer at property professional events and has written articles for legal journals. As a former teacher, Ms. Douglas is a passionate mentor for young people and nurtures her staff so that they can maximise their potential.

In her spare time Ms Douglas is an ardent traveller who immerses herself in the culture of others and enjoys stealing their best cuisine. However, when back at home Ms Douglas can be found at live performances of her favourite musicians.