How will Covid19 impact your business contracts?

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Covid-19, better known as the Coronavirus, has been headlining the news for weeks. With the epidemic worsening, businesses now fear how this will impact their contractual obligations. Normally, the law obliges businesses to continue with their performance obligations absolute. However, if the operation of force majeure comes into play or the contractual agreement is frustrated then the games changes… Does your contract contain a force majeure clause? Is it difficult to perform your contractual obligations resulting in business standstill? If so, the below will provide you with guidance on how to resolve, avoid and mitigate the commercial turmoil that Covid19 has brought with it.

What is force majeure?

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COVID-19 – 5 Things Commercial Landlords Should Prepare For

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First and foremost, it should be borne in mind that any advice arising from the issues relating to COVID-19 are constantly evolving, therefore you should always consult the latest directions from the government, NHS, Public Health England and WHO before taking any action.

The consequences of this new drastic regime whereby people are self-isolating, and businesses are operating remotely are far-reaching. Many are concerned but aren’t sure how to act in the current climate, therefore this article aims to provide some clarity to landlords and tenants in the commercial property sector.

So, what exactly should you be doing and what should you be aware of?

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COVID-19 – The impact of coronavirus on courts and tribunals_Business as Usual.

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As the prime minister addressed the nation this week and revealed new safety measures to delay the spread of Covid-19, businesses providing social engagements such as pubs, restaurants and theatres closed across the country.  It is imperative that every business and organisation play their part and  reduce the spread of the virus by following the latest guidance from the government on how to respond to COVID-19.

Given the rapidly evolving situation, COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the operation of every organisation, therefore it is imperative for us to briefly assess whether the spread of the virus will significantly affect our Justice System, given that the administration of justice is of vital importance in the UK.

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Cannot Attend Your Trial? A Quick Insight On CPR 39.3(3)

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The moral of the story is… if you do not turn up at court, you do not get heard. According to CPR 39.3(3), courts have the authority to proceed with the trial even when one of the parties do not attend. So when your lawyer tells you that your attendance is mandatory, you may want to take that advice. However, if you have strong mitigating circumstances, you will find that CPR 39.3(3) provides an extremely helpful solution. Let’s assume that during your absence, the court gives judgment or makes an order against you. In this case, you can make an application under CPR 39.3(3) to apply for judgment or to set aside the order. An application will likely be successful if these two points are satisfied – First, you act promptly and second, you provide concrete evidence that justifies that you had good reasons not to show up. Read More