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Hillary Cooper Law

Bespoke Legal Services for small to medium size Enterprises and Professionals

We are a boutique law firm, specialising in a range of legal services.

Our clients fall into two groups: Businesses and Industry Professionals. We are at our best where the need is greatest.

One of our best attributes is our ability to listen to our clients, understanding not only their legal requirements but also appreciating the resulting emotional effects.

We work for businesses of all sizes but specialise in SMEs  Start-ups, Social Enterprises and organisations with a strong ethical and fair-trade foundation.

Why You Choose Our Company

Top Tier Experience

Hillary Cooper Law offers our clients a world-class legal service. We realise their desired outcomes through practical and innovative legal solutions that help our clients succeed. We deliver consistent services across our platform of practices and sectors in all matters we undertake. We always challenge ourselves to bring new and original ways of thinking to the complex legal challenges our clients face. Our team comes from multi- disciplinary backgrounds who can bring wide knowledge to the table.

Business Focus

We are a boutique firm with extensive experience in meeting the needs of our business clients. Our lawyers understand the diverse legal, business and financial issues our clients face and we immerse ourselves in their businesses so that we can anticipate, manage and mitigate risks and challenges that may be on the horizon. Our role is to assist your company to successfully set up your business. We take the strain away from your due diligence and compliance issues, so you can concentrate on your priority of making money!

Client-Centered Solutions

Hillary Cooper Law strives to find the best solutions for our clients’ challenges and problems. Clients’ businesses are our business. We bring a long-term perspective, embracing new ideas and proactively identifying future trends and products. We listen to our clients which allow us to understand their current needs and anticipate their future ones. We shape our delivery module to meet your needs, by developing individualised road maps that best meet your current goals and long term objectives.

Flexible and Cost-Efficient

Hillary Cooper Law prides itself on its ability to deliver top-tier legal services in a highly cost-efficient manner. We appreciate that legal costs can be of great concern to our business clients. Therefore, we offer flexible billing structures such as fixed rate billings when we work on legal projects with definite end date. We also offer price unbundling, which allows you to take some ownership of the project at hand. However, when the nature of the project is such that we cannot fix the rates or unbundle, we will offer you competitive hourly rates and we will communicate with you regularly in order to keep on top of your budget team for your legal project. We promise that we will never compromise quality for cost.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborating with our clients, their consultants, and professional advisers is a top priority. We take an around table approach. One of our best attributes is our ability to listen to you, our client, understanding not only your legal requirements but also appreciating the resulting emotional effects. Whether we are representing a client in a mediation case or structuring a sophisticated transaction, we will partner with experts and our clients to solve difficult challenges and keep moving forward in the right direction.  Our lawyers will pull together as a strong team to guarantee that your needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.


At Hillary Cooper Law we believe strongly in diversity, respect, and inclusion. Our diversity allows to bring an enriched experience, a unique perspective to problem solving and the ability to drill down to the core of what matters to our customers.


Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration

Property, Landlord & Tenant Law



Personal Wealth & Asset Protection

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Advice was good, very helpful. Colleague explained reason in delay in getting back to me. Overall, very good advice. Outcome was explained to me along with the options and cost involved.”

Mr G. Chima

“Excellent, all lovely ladies, very efficient. All sorted, everything is now fine
Referred by Equilaw, Service was excellent”

Mr A. Waters

“DG was extremely good, given info that I couldn’t get from Rocket Lawyer.”

Ms L Babbs

“Clear concise legal advice which dealt with the issues raised.”

Mr S. Wells

“We acted on the solicitor's advice and it helped to create the letter. . Advice was good, response was quick and organised. We were called when we were told we would be called. ”

Mr M Sherrard

“Discuss substance as it was hard to predict what could happen. Final advice given helped to provide me with an idea of some of the possibilities and outcomes. Overall very happy with way advice was given. ”

Mr P Stavroulis

“I acted upon the solicitor’s advice and proceeded to create terms and conditions based on the advice given. The whole conversation was friendly yet still very professional. ”

Ms T Rodriguez


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